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Course Information for Institutes of Biblical Law

Scope & Sequence

TEXT:  The Institutes of Biblical Law by R.J. Rushdoony

As you read each section, take notes or highlight areas of agreement, disagreement, questions, insights, etc. for group study.

There will be links to Dr. Rushdoony’s corresponding audio lectures.

Every section will have a video summary going over what I consider to be the highlights and important points. There will also be questions for thought and discussion. Record your answers (in outline or essay form) for reference during group or one-on-one discussion. You need not send these to me unless you wish to do so.

Point of view papers are optional.  For those who wish to solidify the material covered, there is an opportunity for you to submit short essays on particular points.

Group discussions will be carried out via Skype or other online group meeting software.  For best results, have a headset and mic combination, and be patient if we have technical difficulties.

There is no charge for this study, however donations to the Chalcedon Foundation are welcome and encouraged (see sidebar).  Additionally, becoming a Chalcedon Underwriter will give you discounts on books and other materials.

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